Funny Girl (Nick Hornby, 2015)

funny girl

Why did you choose this book?

A short, sweet answer: July Fiction Book Discussion Pick!

What’s it about?

Barbara from Blackpool is determined to become the next Lucille Ball.  She turns down the title of Miss Blackpool and heads to London, where a chance encounter with an agent and a lucky break at casting lead to a sitcom that makes her a national idol.


Fiction, beach read, British humor

Other recommended reads?

Other Hornby books.  He’s written several and has a very unique writing style, of which I just can’t get enough!


I liked this much more than I expected to.  The book isn’t completely about the female protagonist, but also her male co-star, her shy and sweet producer, and the pair of writers struggling in marriages of different sorts.  I liked all of the supporting characters (except maybe Bill – he was quite gruff), and I’m sure that I failed to understand some of the distinctly British humor, but it was an enjoyable, quick read that I devoured over Independence Day weekend (I’m a bit behind on posting, I know).  I’m now inspired to try some of Hornby’s other books.  I also really liked the format.  It was separated into chapters by the series of the TV show, and after the show ended, it skipped several decades and provided a fitting and satisfying epilogue.

Up next?

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