Very creative title, I know.  I have a few different ideas for what I want this blog to become – if you’re reading this and have an opinion, please leave a comment!

1 – I’d like to include more of my life.  I’m a bit wary of putting too much on the Internet, but at the same time I’d like to share different projects, events, etc. with all of you.  Maybe that’s just a clue I’ve been watching too many video blogs lately.

2 – I subscribe to about 5 different magazines – maybe including tips/facts from interesting articles.  Everyone needs more NatGeo in their life, right?  Right?

3 – This one I’m really interested in doing, so I’d love to hear feedback.  I’m thinking about including a “refresher” section at the bottom of each post.  One of my problems is that with the volume of books I read, I often forget the plot soon after finishing.  This is especially problematic with books in a series, when there’s a long gap between titles.  I’d like to summarize the book at the end of the post (so it won’t be spoiled if you don’t want it to be).  I’m also seeing this as a useful tool for long and complicated books like anything George RR Martin.

4 – I’m also hoping to make the blog a little less formulaic and more conversational in tone.  I still want to be professional, in case my boss ever finds her way here, but at the same time, blogs are supposed to be fun!!!  At least, I think so.

Anyway, stay tuned for more.  I’ve been working diligently to get caught up on one of my favorite vlogs, so I’ll end by saying DFTBA.


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