Real-World Adventuring

I realize I don’t have many readers, but for those who visit often, you’ve probably noticed a dearth of posts over the last couple of months.  Well, I’ve been adventuring in the real world, more than in books.  I got a job at a different public library and moved halfway across the USA.  It’s a dream opportunity for me, and I’m loving every minute.  My next adventure: buying a house.  I’ve been in my home for 7 weeks now, and some crisis occurred each of the first 6.  I’m enjoying a few weeks of normal life before the next metaphorical storm hits.  I’m also considering making changes to the format of my blog.  I’ve thought about doing book summaries for books in a series, as a way to remind myself what happened between titles, but I think that may be an infringement of copyright law.  I’ve also thought about diving into a couple of other book projects I’ve been meaning to do – such as an overview of American history by reading a biography of each president.  We’ll have to see what the future holds.  I hope to blog more regularly, starting now, and in the next few months to acquire a pet and include him/her in those posts.  So stay tuned for news, and of course for more biblioventuring!


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