99 Days (Kate Cotugno, 2015)


Guys, I read a book!  I feel like this is newsworthy since it’s been forever….

Why did you choose this book?

This was one of the first ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copies) I picked up in my last job.  It’s a little sad that I’m just now getting around to reading it.

What’s it about?

Molly made a mistake during her junior year – sleeping with her boyfriend’s brother.  She kept the secret for a year, until her mom’s next novel was published, revealing all of the gritty details to everyone in town.  After a year away at boarding school, Molly just has to survive the summer back home.  It’s only 99 days.


Teen, fiction


This book helped to pull me out of a reading slump (hence why I haven’t blogged since June).  I read it over the course of two evenings, and found it pretty enjoyable.  The book is structured with each chapter as one of the 99 days, some with less than a page of text and others of “normal” chapter length.  I made the mistake of reading some Goodreads reviews halfway through, which I think unfairly colored my perception of the remainder of the book.  Molly definitely made some mistakes and was kind of whiny, but I found the book to be fine for some fun light reading.  Patrick, however, escaped too unscathed.

Refresher (here there be spoilers)

No really, this is a book summary/plot synopsis

Ok, I warned you…

In essence, Molly gets a job at a hotel and befriends her ex-boyfriend’s (Patrick) new girlfriend, Tess.  Patrick’s brother Gabe has been falling for Molly for most of their lives (he’s also the one she slept with), and he starts dating her again.  Molly is constantly bullied by Patrick’s twin, Julia, who becomes much nicer after Molly discovers she’s a lesbian.  However, Patrick can’t resist Molly’s charms (he’s kind of a jerk) and starts fooling around with her whenever he can.  He sneaks into her house to have sex for the first time, but upon realizing that Molly went all the way with Gabe, becomes irate with her and spills the truth about what they’ve been doing together all summer.  Just as everything is coming together for Molly, it all falls apart again, except this time not even Gabe is her ally.  Luckily, by this point the 99 days are over and Molly is off to college to bond with her new roommate Roisin, who has also had a summer filled with boyfriend drama.  Talk about a roller coaster ride of a novel – I think Molly had the ambiguous ending she deserved, but I think Patrick needed to be impacted by more of the fallout.



Very creative title, I know.  I have a few different ideas for what I want this blog to become – if you’re reading this and have an opinion, please leave a comment!

1 – I’d like to include more of my life.  I’m a bit wary of putting too much on the Internet, but at the same time I’d like to share different projects, events, etc. with all of you.  Maybe that’s just a clue I’ve been watching too many video blogs lately.

2 – I subscribe to about 5 different magazines – maybe including tips/facts from interesting articles.  Everyone needs more NatGeo in their life, right?  Right?

3 – This one I’m really interested in doing, so I’d love to hear feedback.  I’m thinking about including a “refresher” section at the bottom of each post.  One of my problems is that with the volume of books I read, I often forget the plot soon after finishing.  This is especially problematic with books in a series, when there’s a long gap between titles.  I’d like to summarize the book at the end of the post (so it won’t be spoiled if you don’t want it to be).  I’m also seeing this as a useful tool for long and complicated books like anything George RR Martin.

4 – I’m also hoping to make the blog a little less formulaic and more conversational in tone.  I still want to be professional, in case my boss ever finds her way here, but at the same time, blogs are supposed to be fun!!!  At least, I think so.

Anyway, stay tuned for more.  I’ve been working diligently to get caught up on one of my favorite vlogs, so I’ll end by saying DFTBA.

Real-World Adventuring

I realize I don’t have many readers, but for those who visit often, you’ve probably noticed a dearth of posts over the last couple of months.  Well, I’ve been adventuring in the real world, more than in books.  I got a job at a different public library and moved halfway across the USA.  It’s a dream opportunity for me, and I’m loving every minute.  My next adventure: buying a house.  I’ve been in my home for 7 weeks now, and some crisis occurred each of the first 6.  I’m enjoying a few weeks of normal life before the next metaphorical storm hits.  I’m also considering making changes to the format of my blog.  I’ve thought about doing book summaries for books in a series, as a way to remind myself what happened between titles, but I think that may be an infringement of copyright law.  I’ve also thought about diving into a couple of other book projects I’ve been meaning to do – such as an overview of American history by reading a biography of each president.  We’ll have to see what the future holds.  I hope to blog more regularly, starting now, and in the next few months to acquire a pet and include him/her in those posts.  So stay tuned for news, and of course for more biblioventuring!