A Diamond Deal with the Greek (Maya Blake, 2016)

diamond deal

Why did you choose this book?

My boss is obsessed with Harlequins, and I’ve been experimenting with different types to see what’s different in each series and what all the fuss is about.  This is my first Harlequin Presents, which he collects.  Also, for our Reader’s Advisory meetings, we have to read adult fiction published in the last six months and in our library’s collection.  This was short and fit the bill.

What’s it about?

Professional skier Rebel (short for Arabella) accepted money from her father, despite their strained relationship after her mother’s death.  When she arrives at his office to thank him, she finds that her worst fears have been realized – he embezzled the funds and then ran.  His boss, Draco Angelis, strikes a deal.  If she pretends to be his fiancee for the next few months, he will forgive her father’s crimes and let her keep the funds.  She’s unsure how she feels about the deal, but agrees to the offer and can’t deny their chemistry…



Other recommended reads?

Harlequin Presents or Blaze or maybe Desire (haven’t read a Desire yet)


I enjoyed this book both for the read and that the premise was both endearing and laughable.  I plucked it from the shelf at random but actually found that I enjoyed reading about the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  I had fun being whisked away to one of Draco’s estates and reading the descriptions of fancy clothes, private planes, and skiing tournaments.  All-in-all, I’ll probably read more Presents in the future.  I was expecting it to be more tame than Blaze (the only other Harlequin I’ve read).  It wasn’t any less explicit, but there was much less sexual activity.  Perhaps my favorite part was explaining the plot to my coworkers, who had trouble appreciating its finer points…

Up next?

First Women by Kate Anderson Brower


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