Violent Ends (Shaun David Hutchinson + 16 others, 2015)

violent ends

Why did you choose this book?

For many of the same reasons I chose This is Where It Ends (scroll down to read that post – it was 2 posts ago).  I was also intrigued by the subtitle: A Novel in Seventeen Points of View.

What’s it about?

During a school assembly, Kirby Matheson entered the gymnasium and began shooting.  This book doesn’t tell the story of the shooting, but recounts the lives of sixteen people and one object who knew Kirby at various points in his life.



Other recommended reads?

I’m not sure.  Maybe a nonfiction about school shootings?


This book was infinitely better than This Is Where It Ends.   I really liked that this was a book not about a moment in time, but about a person and all of the facets of his flawed character.  I enjoyed getting to know the rest of his community and seeing the good in Kirby as well as the bad.  That being said, I still didn’t have a clear concept of Kirby’s motivation other than being an angsty teen.  I also didn’t have the emotional investment I wanted.  I wasn’t angry or sad or happy at any point in the story.  This clearly reads like a collection of short stories, since each perspective is a different author.  I liked most of the stories, though I thought having one from the perspective of the gun was a little strange.    A decent read, but not a perfect one.

Up next?

Stormstruck by John Macfarlane


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