Glass Sword (Victoria Aveyard, 2016)

glass sword

Why did you choose this book?

Because the rest of the series has been amazing!!!!

What’s it about?

Please see my previous post to learn about the amazing magic system in this book.  In short, Silvers (the ruling class) have magical powers.  Reds do not.  Until Mare Barrow appears, no Red had ever been known to have powers.  At the end of Red Queen (SPOILER ALERT), the kingdom has fallen into the hands of the evil second son, Maven Calore.  His older brother, Cal, and Mare are on the run.  They have joined forces with the Scarlet Guard and are on a mission to find other Reds like Mare with never-before-seen abilities, and to create an army to take down Maven and his evil mother, Elara.


Teen, fantasy

Other recommended reads?

The new series by Sabaa Tahir is another fantasic teen fantasy read.


Oh my goodness so good!  That’s not to say that the book was perfect.  I think I should have reread Red Queen first.  But you find yourself rooting for Mare and Cal throughout the book, as well as constantly curious to find out about the new abilities popping up throughout the kingdom.  There were a couple of betrayals that shocked me, and it ended on a cliffhanger that left me uber frustrated and flipping pages to be sure there wasn’t more on the endpapers.  So good!

Up next?

This is a two-part answer.  If I decide to finish it, Ronald Feinman’s Assassinations, Threats and the American Presidency: From Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama.  If I don’t, Court of Fives by Kate Elliott.


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