Cruel Crown (Victoria Aveyard, 2016)

cruel crown

I’m officially terming this my official week of awesome cover art!  Seriously!

Why did you choose this book?

I read the first in the series, Red Queen, last year and absolutely loved it.  In preparation for the release of the second book in the series, I thought it was time to read the prequel novellas, especially since they were released in print and in a combined volume in January.

What’s it about? 

Note on world-building: in this world there are two blood types: red and silver.  Reds are just like you and I, but silvers have magical powers.  There are, for example, silks (superspeed), whispers (mind control), magnetrons (control of metal), etc.  The silvers are the ruling class, while the reds have been the peasantry.  But the protagonist of the main series, Mare Barrow, is a red with a new power: she can control lightning and electricity.

The first novella focuses on Queen Coriane, the mother of the heir to the kingdom, Cal.  Coriane was a singer, meaning she could use her voice to control others (though unlike a whisper, she needed eye contact to do so).  This novella describes her life up to her premature death.

The second novella focuses on Captain Farley, one of the leaders of the Scarlet Guard.  The Scarlet Guard is composed primarily of reds, and aims to overthrow the silver ruling class.  The novella describes Farley’s missions prior to meeting Mare.


Teen, fantasy

Other recommended reads?

This series was one of my favorites last year.  Another amazing fantasy series for teens?  An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. The second novel in that series will come out this summer.


I probably should have reread Red Queen before diving into this volume (I couldn’t remember who Capt. Farley was), but it was still good.  Not as good as the main books in the series, but good.

Up next?

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard


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