The Forgotten Room (Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig, 2016)

the forgotten room

Why did you choose this book?

I thought the premise sounded intriguing, very similar to one of my favorite authors, Kate Morton.

What’s it about?

The chapters rotate between three characters.  First is Kate, a doctor in 1940s New York, working in a hospital that used to be a mansion.  Second is Olive, the daughter of an architect now working as a maid in 1890s New York.  Third is Lucy, working as a secretary in a law firm and boarding in an old mansion in 1920s New York.  The three are grandmother, mother, and daughter and are all connected to the same imposing edifice.


Historical fiction, mystery

Other recommended reads?

Kate Morton’s The Secret KeeperThe House at Riverton, or The Forgotten Garden.  But The Secret Keeper has the World War II tie-in.


I loved the rotation between the characters and the level of mystery in this novel.  It took me quite a while to put all of the pieces together.  For example, which man each woman married, which man was the father of each daughter, the connections of each woman to the house, and how much of the backstory each of them knew.  It was quite the tale!  As much as I loved that, I didn’t care for any of the female protagonists that much.  My favorite character was one of their love interests, Harry, and while he played a supporting role, he stole the show!

Up next?

The Glass Sentence by SE Grove


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