It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History (Jennifer Wright, 2015)

it ended badly

Why did you choose this book?

I love history and this sounded unlike any type of history I’ve read before.

What’s it about?

Failed romances ranging from ancient Rome to mid-20th century.  Many of these involved famous names I’d heard, but I didn’t know much about the love stories (including Norman Mailer stabbing one of his wives twice at a party).


Nonfiction, biography, history, miscellaneous, humor

Other recommended reads?

It almost falls more into humor than history.  I’m not sure what else to say about that.  You might like books by Felicia Day, Mindy Kaling or Jenny Lawson if you like this, but I haven’t read those so I can’t say for certain.


I learned about a lot of strange romantic relationships from this book, all of which I didn’t know about previously.  I enjoyed the author’s writing style and sense of humor, but at times I felt that she was trying too hard to be funny or quirky.  I read this while pet sitting and it was the perfect book for short spurts of reading in between taking care of a dog and a puppy and a snake.  One of my favorite captions describes a picture of Louis VII, “Louis wasn’t smart, but he was nice and had a delightful beard, and that’s almost as good.” (p. 29, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II).

Up next?

The Dog Master by W. Bruce Cameron or A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn, whichever I finish first


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