Lumberjanes (Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson)


Why did you choose this book?

I had heard a lot of buzz about this one on websites and in library catalogs.  It won two Eisner awards this year.

What’s it about?

It’s a graphic novel for middle-grade readers.  Jo, Mal, Molly, April, and Ripley are all attending a scouting camp with a very complicated name.  But every time they leave their cabin, they run into strange, dangerous, and magical creatures.  What’s going on at this place?


JFIC, fantasy, graphic novels

Other recommended reads?

This novel appeals to readers who like strong female characters, and enjoy reading stories packed with adventure, but who also don’t mind that adventure having a magical twist.  It’s kind of like a graphic novel, female-centric version of Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan) or The Thirty Nine Clues (which is my FAVORITE JFIC series for so very many reasons).

Final thoughts?

I thought the idea of a hipster yeti was awesome.  That being said, the parts of the book that were from the scouting manual needed to be proof-read (for typos) and edited (they didn’t make much sense).  The illustrations were well done, but the book didn’t read as a unified story, just a bunch of disconnected adventures with a cliff-hanger ending.  I’m not sure if I’ll pick up the next one or not.

Up next?

The Zhivago Affair by Peter Finn


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