The Melody Lingers On (Mary Higgins Clark)


Why did you choose this book?

I’m going through a mystery phase, and I figured it was time to read one of the most popular and prolific authors, Mary Higgins Clark.  The jacket of the book goes so far as to call her “the queen of suspense.”  Now, that’s a recommendation!

What’s it about?

Lane Harmon works as an assistant interior designer for some of the most rich and famous clients in New York City.  When the firm is called upon to decorate a suburban town house for a wealthy client, Lane becomes the go-to-girl.  Upon arriving she hits it off with the client’s handsome son, Eric Bennett.  The only problem is the controversy surrounding him – his father, Parker Bennett, stole the life savings of hundreds of middle-class families and then fled the country.  Parker’s boat was found later, without him in it.  Did Parker die or merely escape, and was Eric involved in the scheme?  Lane finds herself in the middle of the mess and falling for Eric, too…

Categories, I need categories!

The jacket says suspense, but I didn’t find this to be the fast-paced, heart-pounding novel I expect when it is touted as suspense.  I’d just call it a mystery and leave it at that.

Other recommended reads?

If you like this, you’d also probably like books by Mary Stewart or Victoria Holt, both of whom are better authors.

Final thoughts?

I wanted this book to blow me away and it just didn’t.  I thought there were some issues with the writing and editing (for example, the use of the word “Manhattan” twice in the first sentence).  I also didn’t get the sense of impending doom that I expect with a thriller, suspense novel, or even a well-constructed mystery.  Things just seemed to inch along until the end, when suddenly many things you didn’t expect happen, and then it’s over.  I probably won’t pick up another Mary Higgins Clark.

Up next?

The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler


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