Constant Fear


Why did you choose this book?

Honestly, I saw the cover and it looked like a building from my college campus.  I read the synopsis and it sounded okay, so onto the TBR (to be read) pile it went!

What’s it about?

Jake, a custodian at an expensive private school, spends his free time preparing and stockpiling for the end of the world, which he believes will be any day.  His son, Andy, forms a group of his friends to hack into the bank accounts of his classmates’ rich parents and give the funds to charity.  All is well until one day the group steals from a parent who is laundering money for a drug cartel.  The members of the cartel show up and take Andy and his friends hostage under the cover of a chemical spill nearby.  The question is, will Andy and his friends escape or be rescued before it’s too late?

Categories, I need categories!

It’s a thriller, pure and simple.  It has a lot of details about the different types of weapons and ammunition used by the cartel and by Jake, and also spends a lot of time describing the Internet monetary system known as bitcoins.  Readers who will enjoy this type of detail, and understand the description of the guns (which I did not), will enjoy this book.

Other recommended books?

I haven’t read Stuart Woods or John Sandford, but I feel like those authors write similar suspense/thriller novels with male protagonists.  Constant Fear is a little different in that parts of the story are told from an adult perspective and parts are told from a teen perspective.   Despite that, it’s definitely an adult book rather than teen – there was enough graphic violence in one part to make me queasy.

Final Thoughts?

A good book, but not necessarily what I like to read.  I shy away from anything about the mafia or drug cartels generally, I don’t care for graphic violence or this type of thriller.  I guess I like my thrillers more psychological and less physical.  I enjoyed this book, but I probably won’t read another by this author.  This is his 6th book though, so if this sounds like a good read to you, be sure to check out his other novels.

Next Up: Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland.


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